Dynamic PHP based MySQL data readout with HTML output

This brief article gives a step-by-step description on how to dynamically read data coming from a MySQL database and how to both visualize and edit that data using HTML table and form markup. How our data management markup will look like Let’s assume we want to build a Comic management database application handling data like this: If a user clicks “Delete” the […]

How to connect to MySQL using PHP

This brief article describes step-by-step how to connect to a MySQL database using PHP. If you want to provide content coming from a database, you will at least have to know the following methods: mysql_connect($server, $user, $password) — opens a connection to a database server mysql_select_db($database_name) — chooses a database within the database server mysql_query($sql_query_string) — […]

How to build a website — PHP navigational skeleton step by step

This brief article describes step-by-step how to build a website’s base structure using PHP. If you attempt to follow this course, you should have at least read the following articles first: HTML coding basics Learning PHP — output, calculation and variables PHP control structures — loops and conditions PHP inter-script GET and POST parameters However […]

PHP GET and POST parameters

This brief article shows step-by-step how PHP inter-script GET and POST parameters are to be used in dynamic web pages. Why script parameters? Basically, you could use just one script (file) for your entire website project. However, your code will get rather long, maintenance will get harder and errors more difficult to track. So you may want to […]

How to use PHP functions

This brief article shows step-by-step how functions and their parameters are to be used in dynamic web pages coded in PHP. Why use functions? Very often you will find yourself using the same code over and over again, especially when using string operations or connecting to databases. Normally you would need to copy and paste the […]

PHP for loops and conditions

This brief article shows step-by-step how to use PHP for loops and conditions within dynamic web pages. Implementing loops in PHP Why loops? Whenever we need to either repeat certain operations for a known or unknown amount of times, we are going to need loops. Loops can make it easier to just repeat the same […]

Learning PHP: programming basics for output, calculation and variables

This brief article shows step-by-step how variables are used to calculate and visualize content within dynamic web pages coded in PHP. Let’s clarify some basics first. What is PHP? PHP is a script language, standing for Hypertext Pre-Processor. This also describes what it actually does: PHP processes data and generates HTML information output based on […]

VI Editor in Unix

In case you have a Unix based system running on the server, the odds are great that you can use VI as a remote editor. That way you do not have to transfer any locally created code files to the server. This brief article shows some basic step-by-step command sequences for you to get started with […]